I am Technecat, hear me…meow softly.


I gave up on my Live Journal account, so why the Blogger account? Is it a replacement? No, not really. I do not plan on purging my old LJ because there are just too many amazing high school memories (not to mention the few pathetic entries from AAU Summer of ’05- Ah, the memories). And, as a few of you might know I do have an alternate LJ account as well; a lesser known account to be sure, but an account all the same. For me, having three Live Journal accounts is just one too many. And besides, with a third one I would have to use a less commonly accessed e-mail address which I would have to feed into my normal g-Mail account, which would in turn cause my inbox to fill to unreasonable proportions.

The big difference between this blog and those blogs is this: this blog will be more “professional” in tone. Now you are probably eyeing the title and saying to yourself “scratch paper = professional?”. Well, it is at least digital scratch paper, meaning that it cannot get too messy. At least it will always be formatted in a readable and easily accessible fashion.



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