Death to the Wii – Apples to Apples

That would be the title of my animatic for N190. The animatic which is nothing more than a concept and a set of quickly and poorly rendered thumbnail sketches for the storyboard. Sketches that were done in a pink highlighter pencil, since I have no clue where to buy a process red pencil or a process blue pencil which I like to use even though I don’t really need to.

The storyline for the animatic is not only short and simple but it’s not that interesting either. It’s actually just meant to be funny. Actually, the whole storyline for “Death to The Wii” is not a serious story, just a cute little anime-parody-esque thing that my roommate Billie and I made up based off of our own electronics. We’re true geeks and we name our electronics and with a name comes a personality, so all of our electronics are ‘characters’ in their own way.

The only two characters that appear in “Apples to Apples” are Kuroi and Touchi-san, the iPod Classic (5th gen!) and iTouch. Kuroi is a sassy little girl with long black pigtails and pink accessories that likes to kick butt with a fan made of Apple brochures that have been stapled together. She is the “little sister” to Touchi-san who dresses like a 1940’s era Chicago-style gangster and is a bit of a wimp. Together they make up the top two members of the gang “The Macintosh Mafia”. The bottom two members are Hoshikun who is a shy, bespectacled little Zune (that’s right, the Microsoft device is under the rule of the Apple devices- go figure) and The Demon Device, my own little evil iPod Shuffle.

The story itself can be summarized in a few short sentences. Touchi-san is grumbling and complaining about how his “family” deserves just as much as their rival family (The Nintenju Clan) and he over-dramatically throws an apple towards the Nintenju Shrine which is miles and miles away. It falls very short and hits Kuroi on the head. She gets mad at Touchi for complaining but never acting and pitches her deadly fan at him and knocks him off the roof on which he was sitting. She then picks up the apple, tastes it, spits it out declaring it disgusting, and makes a few sarcastic comments about how cliche it all is, walks away.

The animatic project was delayed by the instructor (for various personal and academic reasons) until two weeks before the actual due date, so the expectations for it have dropped to just abouuuut…nothing. From 2-3 minutes to 1 minute, from crisp, clean artwork to “sketches or stick figure theater” and from “dialogue and at least music” to “Whatever”. Yeah, “whatever” is definitely not my idea of a good production standard but “whatever”, right?

To save myself some time though, I’ll probably just do clean sketches and use Ps to put selective color down on the characters (who have monochromatic themes anyway) and do some simple grey-scale rendering for a background. Instead of audio dialogue- since I will need it or the joke won’t make any sense -I’ll be using “subtitles” that are color-coded to match the character’s color schemes. The text will be the easiest part. Hopefully, I’ll be able to put some music in the background too. I’d like to use “Dancing Samurai” a song composed for the Vocaloid voice library made by the Japanese Rock Star GACKT- called GAKUPOID. It’s sorta cute and fun sounding, should be interesting to chop it up and match the sounds to the actions.


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