Monday, Monday…

Yes, today was the first day of my internship and it went really well. Everyone was very friendly and our project seems very interesting (even if I personally am not enamored with the concept itself). I’ll be collaborating with a coworker to design a website and the IU for a game. We spent hours going over it, I’ve never spent so long just planning out something with someone before. It was nice because there was a lot of creative energy, even if there wasn’t a lot of physical energy (Monday, anyone?).

Those readers who are not familiar with my N241/N110 final project will probably know nothing about the Flele Project site Sing With Me. In encourage you to click the previous link if you are curious because I am certainly not going to re-explain the Flele Project for the forty-millionth time. It’ll take two minutes out of your life- two minutes I’m sure you can spare for the sake of your curiosity. Anyway, with that out of the way I wanted to mention that I’ve been pretty fired up about it ever since I got my first “request for tech support” e-mail. Obviously I didn’t make it clear enough that I didn’t develop this applet, only made a skin for it and did a tiny bit of (admittedly tedious) code editing. Still, I’m more than willing to troubleshoot for people who are interested. After all, I did leave my e-mail right there on the home page.

What really got me excited today though was the e-mail I received from someone in the Philippines who has created a Windows Installer for SSP.exe so that users don’t have to extract their own files from the .ZIP provided on the site (she also included the latest shell packs and translated several of the shell names that were previously displayed in Japanese only). Admittedly, this isn’t too big of a feat, but it made me realize that other English-speaking people are interested in this little widget and that if other English-speaking people are interested, then maybe other developers who speak English might be interested, and if that’s the case then maybe we could code a version of SSP.exe that runs entirely in English! Eliminating the need to install Japanese character sets and use translation maps for untranslated menus altogether!

What I really want to do is finally talk to the original programmer. I don’t speak or write Japanese and from what the site says he doesn’t speak or write enough English to accept tech-support messages in it, so that limits me to…well, nothing! I need to find someone fluent enough to translate tech-heavy messages into Japanese so that we can communicate and I can learn more about his project and he can learn more about mine! This is what the Open Source community is about- communication! This is what I have a passion for- this is why I struggle through learning Linux. I love the people aspect of tech. I love the technicians, the hackers, the coders, the programmers, the developers, the artists, the beta-testers, all of the people that make it work- I want to be a part of all of that! That’s why I chose to major in New Media.

And thinking on it now, maybe that’s also why I want to focus on Web Development. Web Dev is all about communication. People to computers, computers to computers, Computers to People and People to People. But, it’s written communication- posted or drawn -so you don’t have to go out and meet everyone in the world just to make a connection. Of course, meeting people is great too! There are so many of my online friends that I would love to meet “IRL” someday, but for now it’s great to talk to them online as well. This new and evolving form of communication we have developed constantly fascinates me. I am in a love-hate relationship with the people of the internet, but my love for the internet itself is unconditional.

And you can’t get much geekier than that last sentence.


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