Anataha betsu no darekato…

[ Sore wa BURAKKU MEISA? … Nantene joudanyo! Shikashi kono keekiha oishii… ]

When I master the use of the Japanese open source UTAU program and learn to make my own voice library, this will be the first song I produce. The Japanese cover of Jonathan Coulton’s popular song “Still Alive” featured in the (awesome) game Portal: Still Alive. I don’t pull the following phrase often because I think that if the person receiving the critique isn’t familiar with a concept called “humor” then it’s pretty insulting to their intellect, but if you don’t know what Portal is then you really are living under a rock, so I must insist:

Google: It’s your friend.

At any rate, the Japanese version feels a little forced in some places (of course, sung by Hatsune Miku- the computer program -doesn’t really help), but the translation is pretty close and the meanings are kept accurate. Besides, I get so tickled over Japanese words taken from English ones, so this song gets extra points for the pronunciation of “APACHA SAIENSU (アパチャーサイエンス)”, “BURAKKU MEISA” and “KEEKI”; being “Aperture Science”, “Black Mesa” and “cake” respectively. Admittedly, “keeki” is the actual Japanese word for cake and the other two are proper nouns, but still the concept is the same. I don’t remember what the specific term for the ‘translated’ Japanese words are, but here are a few more for your learning pleasure:


[shay-roo-foe-roo-dah]| [san-poo-roo-foe-roo-dah]| [co-pee-pay]| [ma-ee-ree-sue-tow]

“Shared Folder” | “Samples Folder” | “Copy+Paste” | “My List” < Literally, a list of favorites on a website.

You learned something today! Good for you. As my reader, I care about you, so I think it’s good that you are learning. It makes me happy.

[ “Maybe Black Mesa? What a joke! But this cake is insanely delicious…” ]


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