MySims Party + de Blob

Whenever people ask me about video games, I can usually say “oh yeah, I’ve played that, or seen it played before” and then discuss with them about different aspects of it, etc etc. But I always reinforce the fact that I don’t consider myself a gamer. This is usually followed by me talking more about it and the other party saying “and…you’re NOT a gamer?”. Then I have to say something along the lines of, “I don’t play that much, I just don’t do much else to compare the time to!” – Which is uber-pathetic, but true.

I don’t own many consoles, just an old N64 and a PS2, but my roommate Li owns a Wii and that’s usually our main choice of gaming entertainment. Last night, we went to Blockbuster to rent some Wii games since we were getting bored of our main Wii game- Super Smash Bros. Brawl; which is awesome, but Li and I are so close in skill level now it’s just not a challenge anymore to play each other. We wanted something new and different. We almost picked up Mario Party 8, but there are so many similar games out for the Wii right now that don’t have that annoying board game feature that MP is so (in)famous for. We opted for MySims Party, which allowed for personalization of characters, which is always a plus for Li and I who are self-proclaimed “customization whores”. It just seemed like more fun to get to see a little character of your own creation running around, losing mini-games rather than Peach and Daisy (we would never play anyone else).

Actually, MySims Party may in fact be even more annoying due to its long and redundant animation sequences between each mini game. I’m not really sure who on the R&D team decided that we needed to the characters get on the little bus between every mini-game, but we got pretty sick of it and switched over to our second rental after about 45 mintues or so. My personal pet peeve with the game was this horrible UI error that seemed to happen when focusing the Wiimote’s cursor over the various selection buttons. When the cursor is in motion over the buttons it flickers like crazy as if you’re moving back and forth on and off of the button. I hate watching cursors twitch, it is an awful distraction. Therefore, I can’t stand this particular problem and probably won’t be picking up MySims Party again because of this and the redundant animation issue.

The other game we picked up was much better. In fact, Li and I are looking to purchase it used, first chance we get. That game would be the somewhat uncelebrated game de Blob. I remember seeing the commericals for it. They were your typical “anyone and everyone can play!” type commercials that the Wii games are so well known for nowadays. If I recall correctly, the commercial featured some kids (boy and girl) playing the two-player portion of the game by wildly flailing and flinging the Wiimotes around in a lively yet realistically inefficient fashion. It’s a terrible representation of the actual gameplay, which involves short, quick, downwards gestures with the Wiimote and the use of the A, Z, C and joystick on the Nunchaku.

The game has a simple, yet fun concept that revolves around the story that a city of blobish-looking jellybean people who live for and love color has been attacked and taken over by an organization called INKT, who drain the color out of everything. You, as the hero Blob, join a group of revolutionaries called Color Underground who ask you to spread the color through the world again by absorbing it and flinging yourself against buildings. Luckily, you were named Blob for a good reason, you’re a blob of water who has no problem absorbing paint in mass quantities. There are a few drawbacks to being a blob of water- you shrink when you get too hot (you boil away, I expect), you get sick when you fill with ink and when you get too fat, you slam into buildings and wind up sliiiiiiding down reeeeeeally slowly.

I’ll be continuing this review later…thanks for reading.   Google Cake


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