A failure on the part of Internet Scammers everywhere

I just thought I’d post a few screenshots from the latest attempt at an online virus check scan that I got today. It’s a riot, really.

See anything wrong with this picture? If you answered: Linux isnt Windows, then youre right!

See anything wrong with this picture? If you answered: Linux isn't Windows, then you're right!

And it doesnt help that I dont even have half of those drives and folders.

And it doesn't help that I don't even have half of those drives and folders. Oh, and my windows don't look like XP Classic Blue.

Congratulations scammers: you managed to hit a computer that doesn’t run Windows, or any form of Windows, with your Windows scam! You win an internet. The part that I really love, that’s even better than the fake windows, is the “Your private data is under attack!”. As if Windows Security would ever say that, let alone in RED letters. And adding the easily obtained IP address (which is incorrect, by the way), country of origin and city is just weird. Maybe people who have no idea how Windows works at all would be fooled, but I can think of a few computer illiterate people who could at least smell the rat here.

But to add to my annoyance, rather than glee at the failed attempt of the scammers, this page just came out of nowhere while on Facebook. I didn’t click any links, hover over any ads or add any strange apps to my Facebook page. I was just checking my messages there and POOF, there it is. I can understand Facebook’s need to advertise, but really the Google Ads and ads that are “tailored to your interests” are bad enough. But something like this that just redirects you to an annoying, fake Windows scan webpage? That’s just plain awful.

I would complain, but I’m sure somewhere it says that they have the right to advertise however they see fit, blah blah blah. I’m not too happy with the way Facebook has turned out anyway. It’s too crowded, ad-ridden and unprofessional for my tastes. I want a simple, clean and fun layout without all of that extra crap all over the place. Someday, someday.


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    • Well, while I do not use NoScript, it didn’t appear like a pop-up at all, it was just a complete redirect to another unknown site. You can see from the tabs that I had iGoogle and Facebook open, but Facebook was replaced by this foreign site. It’s very odd indeed.

  1. Hi there!!!

    First of all I LMAO, but then I thought that out there are a lot of people who use Windoze and, as you mentioned above, are computer illiterate could use one of these “beneficial” services and might get in trouble. One of my friends was about to reformat her PC immediately after using one of these online services.

    I was wondering if it sounds nice to you if I can take this article and translate it into Albanian, in order for my compatriots to be more aware and to take seriously switching from Windoze to Linux.

    Have a good time.

    • Hi! ~ Wow, if you think it would be beneficial to anyone to translate it, be my guest, I give you full permission.

      Ha-ha, you spell it “Windoze” it’s been a while since I’ve seen someone call it that. I’m still not good enough with Linux to give up Windows entirely, but in the Fall I plan to get a Mac so I can break free of the hold Windows has on me and have just OSX and Ubuntu (I mostly dislike Macs, but I honestly have to say the OS is pretty snazzy).

      • Hey,

        Thnx 4 the permission. 🙂
        I like best spelling it Windoze rather than its real spelling coz I don’t like search engines finding my posts.

        I’m not geek in Ubuntu, indeed, and I use Windoze too, for AutoCAD and CAD designing. For everything else is Ubuntu.

  2. Not a problem at all. I think it’s interesting that you don’t want search engines finding your posts- why exactly is that? I would think that it would be a positive thing for posts to be more easily accessible; unless of course they are of a private nature, then I would also want to avoid the exposure.

    I play around with a lot of little applets and open source programs from Japan that are limited in their running power on Ubuntu. They run, just not properly. Ubuntu seems to dislike displaying Japanese characters in its UI, despite the fact that the system is set to run in Japanese. Also, I am an avid Adobe Suite user and the Gimp just cannot compare to Photoshop no matter how much it tries (same goes for Ink Scape and Illustrator- not the same thing).

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