Projects (a personal list)

Reality.Hacked -aka- project_h4x -fka- h4xX0r5 [03-09] -comic // 12 char / 2 worlds
Wishing Stars [05] -comic portfolio project // 7 char
H.S.F.K -aka- Hide Seek Find Keep [09] -comic practice // 4 char
Earth Sound [09] -narration practice, character interaction // 3 char / 2 worlds
Earth Sound: Echoes (prequel) [09] – narration/writing // 5 char / 2 worlds
And We are Only Birds Made for Flight [08] -narration, character design // 4 char
{Unnamed Storyline} [08] -character design, world design // 4 char / 5 worlds
Triple Technicality [09] -character interaction, narration // 2 char
Passwords [08] -story concept, character design // 2 char

Battle of the 5 Kingdoms [09] -game design, character design // 8 char / 2 worlds


Story-less Characters
Shimoyake [m]
Fushicho Shade [m]
Kenishi [Kin Xi] Tao [m]
Reilly O’ Neillan [m]
Faye O’Neillan [m]
Nyx (Onyxi) [m]
Faber [m]
Judai [m]
Johnathon I. Dowe [m]
Janet T. Dou [f]
Lady Aka of Cheshire [f]
Clarissa [f]
Akiko Hanode [f]
Misoba (Minh Soo Bai) [f]

There are doubtless many, many more I just can’t think of all of them at once. Also,  the reason why there are so few female characters is because all of my well-developed female characters wound up staying in the stories they were created for.


4 responses

    • Yes, Fushicho isn’t one of my more developed characters, but he’s been around for quite a while so I could never leave him out. And as of yesterday, HSFK in slowly rolling into action. To answer your other question, no, the Unnamed Storyline is really just an unnamed storyline. The one titled “Battle of the 5 Kingdoms” is the “animal hoodie” one.

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