The Worst Part of Being Sick

It’s definitely got to be the lack of energy to do things you want or need to do. Going to work, for example. I hate not being able to go to work when I need to. It fills me with guilt, even though I know that it really isn’t my  fault. The next day though, I always return with gusto and a positive attitude to make up for it. (Also, I tend to dress cuter and more girly, but I’m not really sure exactly why…maybe it’s because I want to look happy and healthy?) Today, I knew I had a deadline though which made it even worse. I had to e-mail a co-worker and let her know where my file was located so she could adjust it if she wanted and turn it in.

Another rather icky part of being sick is not being able to taste food properly. I am already pretty limited in what I can eat, thanks to a very sensitive stomach, but when I’m ill my body is even more strict with me. Today I have managed to eat some popcorn chicken and just now plain steamed rice with one scrambled egg in it. None of these things tasted as they should. Even something as strong as the Sprite I was drinking tasted like it had gone off (flat) even though I know it was just opened. I always crave chocolate when I’m ill too, which is awful because chocolate never tastes right when you’re sick.

Probably the only positive thing to staying home when you’re sick is being able to get plenty of rest at home. Actually, I have slept just about all day. It’s nowhere near being productive for me, but I’m sure my body is doing plenty of work trying to fix itself, or something like that. All I can imagine is a Magic School Bus-esque adventure into the inside of the human body, watching cells and antibodies fix things. Ah, public television, you’ve taught us so much.

All of this being said, I look forward to feeling better tomorrow and going back to work and finishing my projects with vigor! Excitement.


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