Referring to the band and not the out-of-date video media. I don’t know much about the band, just as much as the official site said. I first heard them on Pandora with their song “Forever” playing quite often on my “Somebody Told Me” (Killers) station, due to it’s “disco roots”. Both the song and the band’s name intrigued me, so when I got to hear another song from them on the same station I was excited. “We Could Be One” is a really awesome song.

I have a strange way of getting to like a band. I listen to two or three of their songs for a long while without listening to others and if I can go a few weeks listening to just those songs without getting sick of the band entirely, then I look into more of their songs and in some cases I purchase the album (gasp, that’s right folks, I buy CDs, shocking I know!). In the case of VHS or BETA, I’m wondering if I could cruise through a few Half-Price Books stores and snatch it up. Half Price always seems have CDs that I can’t find at places like Target. I could try Best Buy too- I noticed they had all the US releases for Muse and Radiohead, so there’s a possibility that they have a band as out-there as VHS or BETA.

Man, I love typing that in ALLCAPS et ALLCAPS, even though technically only VHS is an acronym; Beta is just a shortened version of Betamax.

But yes, for the time being I really like VHS or BETA. We’ll see if 40+ plays of “Night on Fire” (which is on my current Project Playlist) sits well with me. I think it will, seeing as I liked it enough to create a Playlist just for the excuse to put their music on it. Ha ha. Oh yes, I also registered for their (currently empty) forum, but evidently it’s in the process of being worked on, since it will let me register and e-mails me a password, but won’t actually let me login, or do anything else. I contacted the forum webmaster though, so hopely I’ll get an answer soon.


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