Snedronningen Ideas

Snedronningen or “The Snow Queen” has always been one of my favorite faere tales. It has been many years since I sat down and read H. Christian Anderson’ s unabridged version, but the version that always stays fresh in my mind is the book on tape that I own narrated by Sigourney Weaver (who has an enchanting voice). Something about that story has always given me chills of excitement; even today I feel it. Magic.

Anyway, I was reminded of the story of young Gerda and Kay/Kai last night when reading a copy of Murder in Mesopotemia (a Hercule Poirot mystery by Agatha Christie) when M. Poirot mentions “the story of the boy Kay” and the heorine Gerda. I was so surprised by this totally random-seeming reference that I didn’t read any further as to why he mentioned it. I just put the book down and went into thinking about the story. Trying to remember all of the characters and the basic plot and such. And I started to think of another design exercise to give a try- designing a video game “cover” art box.

I had some great ideas for taking the story and mixing it around with a few other darker faerie tale bits and turning it into an RPG adventure game, starring Gerda of course. It wouldn’t be entirely based from the story because I wanted to involve wolves and spirits somehow. So I just decided that a “Scandinavian faerie tale” theme was good enough. I can’t wait to start doing research and sketches. This is my favorite part! And I want the characters to be very pretty and faerietale-perfect. I keep imagining them rendered in Squeenix-cutscene-perfection. Ah~


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