The worst thing about being annoyed is not knowing where to place your anger. Trying to put the energy into something more productive is usually the best way, for me, but what if you’re tired? Being productive when your tired is practically being counter-productive. I do small things -wash dishes here, send in a Fall Semester job application there- to try and feel like I am doing something positive. Trying to make a positive from a negative. And this helps, somewhat. The physical anger- the urge to kick something or throw something- is gone, but the mental anger, which makes no sense to us, remains.

“Every second that someone is around I run the risk of saying something I shouldn’t.” – Something like that. A little introspection reveals that I’m just very aggravated at life in general, at the moment. No one person or one event has caused it, it’s just the aftermath of a rather annoying and destructive monsoon which leaves me so irked and ill-tempered.

In time, it will fade. The pieces will be picked up and placed where they go and everything will be fine. Until then, I wish for cheese and chocolates.


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