The Guitar Hero(ine)’s Journey

I like to play Guitar Hero: World Tour and I would like to think that over the last year that I have played it I have gotten better. I started out playing Guitar, lefty-flip because for some reason it works better for me even though I’m right-handed, on Easy. I spent around 6 months playing every song in the game on Easy. Easy, Easy, Easy. If only easy wasn’t so…easy, you know? I agree with people who say that the songs were “written” for Hard and then reduced for Medium and Easy. There are so few notes and they move so slooooowly. But it took me a long time to get used to switching over to Medium because my hand was not used to reacting to the Blue button. Eventually, I got used to the Blue button and now Medium is the default difficulty for me.

However, learning to master Hard presents a new problem. That problem being: THE ORANGE BUTTON. See make-shift diagram below:

The GH:WT Guitar for the Wii- with my diagram showing button spacing.

The GH:WT Guitar for the Wii- with my diagram showing button spacing. (Thnx

I am not a tiny girl, but I have very small hands. Even stretching my fingers to their longest I cannot reach the orange button with my pinky while my index finger is on the green button. Admittedly, a Green-Orange chord is impossible to find on Hard, but the split-second shift between GRYB [black bracket] and RYBO [grey bracket] is complex and takes a lot of getting used to! I think I’ve almost got it down- it takes muscle memory, that’s all. I’ve almost got it down.

Oh, I forgot to mention- I play BASS Guitar, not lead, on Hard. Bass is easier because it involves remembering a rhythm rather than going all over the place to play the song. Because of this redundancy, it’s easier for me to focus on actually hitting buttons rather than remembering that the pattern will need to change. (It’s not a very good description, but it’s the best I’ve got right now. It would be easier if I actually knew musical terms to describe things.)

NOW the problem I have is not so much the switch to the Orange button, but the constant strumming. Normally, the strum bar is hit downward and is really pressed or clicked more than actually strummed, which can be done at a reasonable speed. But when the notes are very, very close together constant strumming gets very tiring for me. What do I mean by constant strumming? Imagine eighth notes instead of whole notes, or check this out:

O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O   O << Half note? { Ta—ta—ta—ta—ta—ta—ta—ta—ta—ta—ta…

O       O       O << Whole note? { Ta—–ta—–ta—–ta—–ta—–ta—–ta…

O O O O O O O O O O O O   << Quarter note? { Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta…

OOOO << Eighth note? { Tatatatatatatatata…

My upper body strength sucks. I mean, it really does. I can’t even support my own upper-body with it! If I lean on my arms, for example, they start shaking and collapse after about…say 10 minutes? SO, I figure that is the main reason why I can’t play those eigth notes for long periods of time. I get tired and sore from strumming “Tatatatatatatatatatatata” for like 30 seconds straight. Every 5 or 10 notes I miss by a split-second! Split second! But once I’m thrown off, I’m thrown off –I loose the rhythm and eventually FAAAAIL. So, it is my hope that if I start excersizing my upper-body that I will slowly improve my speed on the strum bar! In the meantime though, I guess I’ll stick with boring ol’ Medium…or play every song in Training mode so I can never fail. 😛


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