Another Character Sketch (secret character!)

Since this character is a secret character in the story, I can’t say much! But I did want to say at least a few words about him, even though I haven’t developed him much. I picked another (almost totally) random country for him: Armenia.

His name is Kendall (random choice) Darbinian. Behind the Name says: Darbinian means “son of the blacksmith”, so is equivalent to the English “Smith”. This is interesting because he’s an agent of INTERPOL (or is he?) so the “Smith” equivalent is somewhat humorous. I don’t know anything about Armenia except it’s location, so he’s not going to have much of a rich cultural background like Pious, but his personality is certainly going to be rich and colorful. He will be fun to write for, I think.

Oh, and he’s an antagonist. This is the only image I’ve posted of him. His hair style is the only thing I have decided on completely as far as physical design. I still need to pick an eye color (probably light brown) and a clothing style, plus a general height. As far as most characters go, he’s pretty sketchy so far, but he’s important so I’ll have to really think about how to make him stand out as an antagonist.

Usage: Armenian
Means “son of the blacksmith”, so is equivalent to the English Smith.

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