ACHTUNG: Chores Ahead!

Honestly, I think that ACHTUNG sounds a lot more like a warning than CAUTION. Can’t you just hear an angry German person shouting it? “ACHTUNG: PANZERSCHWEIN!” (Warning: Armadillos!) I don’t know, it always attracts me first when I see it on signs. Especially the neon pink ones they use in the IT building at IUPUI…

I’m getting off subject here. This was supposed to be an entry about the chores I need to do today, designed to help me organize them in my head first before I can “put them down on paper”, so to speak. Then it will be easier to focus on exactly what I need to do. And it’s more fun than just writing a list and taping it up on the wall so I can see it…though, I’ll probably do that too- I have some awesome aqua colored paper from working at Office Max last year. ❤

OK, so I need to first make my bed, which will involve taking everything off of it so I can find all of the socks, shirts and various papers and electronics that I’m sure have found their way into my bedsheets at some point thanks to my habit of tossing everything on the closest available flat surface. Then, one the bed is made, I will pile the clothes onto it and decide what is actually dirty and what accidentally fell out of the clean pile into the dirty clothes bin. I will then place all the clean clothes in one bin and all the dirty ones in another so that I may later-at some point-eventually do my laundry. Then, I will tidy up all of the books and papers on the floor and throw them on the desk to be dealt with later. Then I’ll take all the bags off the floor and do the same thing, only with the closet. Then (if she isn’t awake yet) I will awaken my roommate by pushing her box of clothing, which has been taking up the floor of my room since she moved in back in May, against her door so she can do something about it.

Now, at this point everything should be off my floor. I imagine there will be a lot of junk and trash and I’ll pitch that. I also need to take everything out of my IKEA chest of drawers so that my dad can fix it because I made the mistake of hiding almost a decades worth of old notebooks and sketchbooks in there and they slowly and steadily warped the bottom of the drawers under their combined weight to the point that they don’t actually close anymore. Whoops.

At any rate, after all of the above is finished I should have a totally clear floor, cleaned off bed and more space to move stuff around when I get ready to move nine days from now. ALSO, I’m looking for missing articles! One of which being my AQUA DUCT TAPE! Of which I obtained to repair the inside of my bright orange “Watch the Cat” bag that my aunt got for me in New York. The part that needs repair is the canvas on the inside, which has ripped and torn over the years. I figured the extreme contrast between the neon orange and neon aqua would be enough to make me love the bag all over again (plus the bag is made of recycled goods already, so I’m just extending it’s life a little bit longer). I’ll take photos when I’m done.


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