Do you ever feel guilty when you ignore adverts online? I seriously doubt it, right? I certainly don’t! Even if I worked for a company that used one I doubt I would. Occasionally if I get really sick of them I’ll use the Flash dropdown menu (you get it by right-clicking on the Flash media) to “Pause” the advertisement, if possible. On the AcerDemon- my 3 yr old laptop with terrible hardware issues which runs Ubuntu 8.10 – Flash adverts are more likely to crash my browser than anything else I could possibly do. Evidently Flash is just really BIG.

So I solved my problem on AcerDemon’s Ubuntu Firefox by using an add-on called Flashblock. I won’t go in too in depth about it because I will encourage you to click on the link and see for yourself (it’s a Mozilla site, no adverts), but I can say that I think it’s fantastic. Not just for ads, but Flash content in general. I wouldn’t be able to do half of what I can online without it. I think I will add it to my list of small site donations I will make once I get my new job on campus. I’m thinking three or four dollars, but it depends on my paycheck.


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