Name Change

You may have noticed that the name of the blog has been changed to something seemingly even more random than the first title. The first title, brought over from Blogger, was actually random- almost entirely so. However, this new title Evil IS the Cat is not. My old-old-old username Akuwaneko has stuck with me ever since I started using deviantART and wanted a cute name that reflected my love for cats and my love for the color aqua. It was perhaps at the time intentionally changed to look Japanese, however the actual Japanese meaning was an unexpected plus (or minus, depending on how you look at it).

Here, have a Japanese lesson, on me (literally):

Romaji > aku wa neko Hiragana > あく は ねこ Katakana > アク ハ ネコ. According to Google Translate, the literal translation is “the evil cat”. Aku being “evil/bad”, neko meaning “cat”. If you really wanted a simple, slangy translation you could use “bad kitty” or “evil kitty”. However, because of the difference in English and Japanese grammer, I – a non-speaker of Japanese – always saw the phrase “aku wa neko” translated as “evil is cat” in that order. Not, “the cat is evil”.

And I have to admit, even without the capitolized “IS” the statement “Evil is the cat” is both confusing and amusing at the same time. For once, I did not Google to see if it was unique before picking it, but even if it is not I can guarantee that “akuwaneko” will forever and always be mine first. I am the only Akuwaneko on the internet.* At any rate, it has a different feel than just simply saying “the cat is evil”. It is in fact techinically a different statement. A statement referring to the concept that evil itself IS a cat (or the cat) as opposed to the cat itself BEING or ACTING in an evil manner.

My original plan was to use this name as my future portfolio site, but since I have been placing this site as my personal homepage (as opposed to my deviantART gallery) I decided that using the new name for this is better. You’ll note that the URL did not change, so no links should be broken and no bookmarks (ha-ha) should need to be changed. I’m pleased with the new title though and I hope you the readers will enjoy this little joke with me. I don’t plan to change it back.

Now I need to make a logo/icon/graphic for it.

*Search-able by Google.


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