Ninja Things

Well, I started my classes and then almost immediately managed to get sick. Again. I really rock at getting sick. It’s like a talent! The only good thing about getting sick this time around was that I only had to miss two classes because I got sick at the end of the week. So, I didn’t have to force myself to go to class; I had plenty of time to stay in bed and get better. I watched a lot of TV and read quite a lot of manga online.

One of the manga I decided to read was Tsuki no Shippo started as a fan-scanlation and by the end was just the straight scan of the English release of the book (which made me feel guilty, but not guilty enough to run out and spend $150 to buy the series!). I only realized this when the normal “Tsuki no Shippo” was replaced with the title “Tail of the Moon”. It was a very cute manga with a pretty good plot and fun characters. It follows most shoujo manga rules: silly girl gets cute guy; always a hot bad guy that falls for silly girl; hot guy that dislikes silly girl and wants to get rid of her; etc etc etc. I was reading another manga by the same artist/author called Hadashi de Bara wo Fume that followed the same basic character development.

The other ninja-themed thing was today’s purchase of Mini Ninjas! I got it for the DS because I have completed all my other DS games (except My Sims…can you really “complete” it?) so it’s probably not as awesome as it is on the “normal” consoles, but I’m pretty pleased with it. I like the character designs (can’t wait to play the flute-toting-blowdart-shooting female ninja!) and the gameplay is pretty good. I’m bad at finding my way around places, even in games, so I’m having a bit of trouble being so tiny in such a large environment and I get lost easily and for long periods of time, but it’s managable. My only great qualm is that you have to save at NPC save-points instead of being able to save whenever and wherever you want to. All the major battles and dungeons have save points before you enter them, but those are few and far between.

It brings to mind another game I played back in high school called Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. The only major difference being that Mystical Ninja was played on the N64 and actually required the memory card expansion pack. You know, the one that you had to like pry out with a lobster fork or other dangerous utensil? Yeah, that memory card expansion pack. Anyway, despite the fact that I didn’t have said card for 2 weeks after I borrowed it–and therefore had to play it from the beginning over and over–I loved the game. It was bizzare and Japanese and just plain awesome. I mean, you used a pipe to hit things. Yes, a pipe, like the kind you smoke out of. And there was a level where you have to play Yae (the kunoichi) and she turns into a mermaid and you have to swim through miso soup and avoid chunks of tofu. Yes, it was that awesome. I actually learned a lot about Japanese culture- especially demons, ghosts, toys, foods and ceremonies. I want to own that game again. Is there an emulator for it? I would still want it for my still-functioning N64 though!

Ninjas are fun times.



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  1. The memory card wasn’t that hard to get out of the N64. The expansion card that was seated in the top-front of the console itself, however, was a pain to get out. The memory card plugged into the controller, or in my case, into a combo pack that acted as a rumble pack but also let you save to a memory card that was plugged into the pak. (not a typo, that’s how they spelled it…i think)

    • You are absolutely right, it was the expansion pack, not the memory card that I had to have. I remember that the friend who lent me the game gave me the expansion pack and a lobster fork to pry it out with. Thanks, I’ll make a correction.

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