New Netbook?

Many of you are familiar with AcerDemon, my Acer Aspire 3050 Notebook which has gone through 3 hard drives, 2 CD drives, 3 versions of Windows, and 2 versions of Ubuntu Linux. AcerDemon turned 3 last February which is pretty old for any computer, let alone a notebook. But despite being old, with outdated hardware and drivers that even Linux can’t always work with, it still works. Sort of. Most of the time. “It sort of works most of the time” is a good description of AD. I have a love-hate relationship with it. It’s pretty evil- I mean, I wouldn’t have named it “demon” if it wasn’t an evil machine.

(I love you AcerDemon, please don’t die on me or plan any sort of revenge as I type this. I know you are a jealous demon…)

My AcerDemon works right now and will probably continue to work as it does as long as I pretend that I don’t care, but I do plan on getting another notebook *waits to see if the power shuts off* No? OK- so I plan on getting another notebook not necessarily to replace AD but to provide me with a more convienent machine. And by convienent I mean lighter. AD weighs in at about 7lbs. Not really “heavy” per se, but for me and my weak back and shoulders it’s not light either. My coworkers at Plow Digital often joked that I needed a laptop that weighed nothing, and suggested a Mac Book Air. I am not made of money. Screw Apple. The newfound popularity of Netbooks piqued my curiosity though and I decided to look into purchasing one as soon as I got the money to do so.

I know that netbooks are really just shrunken laptops with little functinality outside of your usual Office programs, Internet and services like MSN and Skype. It’s meant for use on the go. They usually include around 1GB RAM and 150GB HDD, but I’m not sure about the sound or video card specs. I will have to look into the specs further. I do have to say that whatever I plan to sacrfice in computing power will be made up in the fact that the largest netbook I’ve looked at weighs in at 2.9lbs. Oh yes, and the inclusion of the awesome little Intel Atom processor- whatever netbook I get will have to include one of these. ❤

There are a few specific models of Netbook I’m looking at. I’ll probably go over them in more detail in the next entry.


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