TinierMe vs. GaiaOnline- Part 1 (updated)

Wow, it has been a year and people are apparently STILL referring to this for information. Well, I personally don’t use TM anymore (or Gaia Online for that matter) so I never bothered to update this article reflecting that, but I suppose I should now that it’s my most-commented-upon article.

This post is old and outdated and no longer reflects my current views on TinierMe. I personally think that now they are about equally bad.


Part One will focus on the differences in the website design- the first thing I noticed when I went to sign up for TinierMe suggested to me by a friend from highschool that I hang out with on deviantART and GaiaOnline. TinierMe is still in Open Beta and there isn’t much to do yet, but so far so good. It’s cute, fun and I love the interface. Here’s a comparison of the two “main profile” pages that appear for users when logged in and the two main pages that show up when a user reaches the site unregistered or before logged in. They show the best examples of layout.

(click to enlarge)

TinierMe’s site is cleaner and more minimalistic and modern. They picked a orange monochromatic scheme with light accents of green and gradients in greys and whites. It’s all very clean and well organized. My main page here includes a simple 3-column layout with a navigation bar to the far left, a space for links and content in the middle and my own personal panel to the far right. All of the major content sits neatly above the fold and it’s mostly text and small icons so it is not cluttered at all. The navigation panels on the left and right are consistent throughout the whole main portion of the site. It is, overall, a very nice, clean and well presented site that is easily navigated.

GaiaOnline’s site is packed with stuff. This page displays only the “My Gaia” page which shows my avatar, house, car and status on the left, and an RSS-type feed of information about my friends on Gaia, and other activities which I can set specifically to show by changing my Feed settings in the middle. My main navigation and avatar are located in the header at the top of every page. There are easily five or six different forms of navigation to be found, from drop-downs to links and tabs. Gaia Online recently updated the look of it’s user interface again to make it more, what I consider, Web 2.0-y. Things are rounded and shiny, but not at all what I would call clean and neat. There seems to be stuff everywhere and to a complete newbie this page alone would be a nightmare to navigate. Plus, GaiaOnline doesn’t seem to understand that all the best and most-used sites are going for the jell-o layout; none of that left-aligned crap that leaves 500 pixels of background pattern for me to stare at on the right.

TinierMe is still new and there aren’t any advertisements or promotions yet, so it’s bound to get more cluttered, but for now it’s very nice and impressive design-wise. Much more-so in my opinion than GaiaOnline, which is understandibly much larger and therefore more cluttered, but still, I would sacrifice a little content to regain simplicity, especially in the menus and navigation. Not to mention, Gaia doesn’t seem to have a color scheme anymore. I don’t know what happened, but for now I much prefer TinierMe to GaiaOnline. Opinions may change as the site evolves, we’ll see.


16 responses

  1. I enjoyed your comparison between the two sites, I am just starting Tinier Me, and I like researching sites I join. Thanks! 😉

  2. the reason I stopped using gaia in favor of tinierme was because it was too crowded and there was just too much going on all at once. you had a forum full of spammers and snobby roleplayers, a marketplace with insanely overpriced items and a money earning system that didn’t really work. just in my opinion, tinierme is better because of its small community with a convenient earning system that actually revolves around something other than buying and selling (they don’t even have user-generated marketplace), as well as a lack of advertising (like you said , something very likely to be short-lived).

    man, you just took the words right out of my mouth with this TM and Gaia comparison. keep up the good work.

  3. Your comparison between the two sites was great. I don’t like Gaia much, to be honest. I really do prefer TinierMe, which is, like you said, much neater and organized. I also like TinierMe because everything is so small! It doesn’t take much to get around, and it’s convenient.

  4. yesh! gaia ish very cluttered and crowded!
    when im in selfy town, and when im talking to someone i usually go back to inernet browser every once in a while.
    i used to use gaia, and when you talk the words disappear after a while and i wouldnt know what they were saying
    yes, you could say brb but i would say that too much and they would get annoyed 8D
    on tinier me you click that button[idontknowwhatitskalled 8D] and then it shows you what everyone was saying O.0

    mE aNDd my confUsing talk! HORAAY

  5. arghh!! >::( that makes me so mad!I keep trying and trying until i end up using my mom’s email.. -_-” but didn’t work!! X<.. but gaia, sometimes if noob no where in my sight i'll be happy =D.. noobs keep spamming which makes me so angry and i end up put them in my blacklist or something.. hhahahah.. but i put them in my notebook lah..

  6. tinierme takes too long to load cuz it’s all flash and whatnot :/ and the really good items have to be bought with real money

    • Well its half true but u can have g-coin (real money) for free if u do some surveys and other (yeah i did it lot of times) and you can get some really nice item in the events or even with the game’s money. You should try harder ‘m’

  7. Actually…I haven’t played Gaia in a long long time. I quit for a number of reasons, most notably the sudden influx of newbies, spammers, scammers…but then there was also the fact that most of my fellow oldbie friends kind of drifted off. I hardly ever got on anymore, and after a while I heard about TinierMe.

    While it is smaller and notably more friendly, I can feel the dark clouds of disaster over it as soon as it really becomes popular. :[ Not to mention (and I do acknowledge it is still in beta) it is glitchy and often runs slow. Something breaks at least once a day; and because the site is run primarily on FlashPlayer; I get a LOT of crashes. (This might have something to do with the new FlashPlayer version, but FP fails once a day at least, usually when I’m on TM or related sites).

    So you win some, you lose some. I still do prefer the TM community in general though.

  8. I would like to say that, it’s funny to find this now after having to do a contrast paragraph on the two site’s. I I would like to say, TM is a money garbing scam, you can’t get anything good for your avis if you don’t buy it with real money. Though Gaia is the same, they have a market place where you can buy cash shop items with in game money. So there is no need for buying anything with real money. Also you say the website is cluttered but I can not find anything on TM… I have WAY more to say… But class is over…

    • Thanks for your input, Beka. I would like to point out though that this article was written when TinierMe was still in its early stages- over a year ago -and very few of the things I pointed out here still apply. I in fact have stopped using TinierMe because of some issues with harassment and spamming. I suppose I should edit this article to reflect that.

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