TinierMe vs. GaiaOnline- Part 2 (updated)

This post is old and outdated and no longer reflects my current views on TinierMe.

However, unlike the previous updated post I still stand by my opinion that TinierMe is overall a prettier site and it’s much easier to make friends there.

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Once again, design and usability-wise TinierMe wins out because of simplicity. While the number of items is still limited and the systems are still being worked on, the organization of the inventory and how easy it is to change your avatar in TinierMe is preferred to the multi-page system on Gaia Online. At least, for me.

Also, on a different note, the style of the avatars in TinierMe is less flashy and much cuter in my opinion. It’s obvious that mostly female users are on TinierMe, compared to what I think is around 40/60 M/F on Gaia. I will have to double-check those stats though, it’s only an estimate. Despite this, most of my new friends on TinierMe are male- and international. I’ve already made friends from Denmark, Finland and various parts of the UK. I love making international friends, it’s so fun and exciting. GaiaOnline is “international”, but was created and is hosted in America while TinierMe is a product of Japan, making it more internationally accessible.


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  1. I could say that TinierMe is a mix of GaiaOnline and CronchyRoll [just my theory] since it’s obviously a site like gaia and some parts of it is same as in CrunchyRoll… Like the avatars in crunchyroll, the first ever ANIME avatar in their mini game does look a little like the avatar in Tinier me… Plus, instead of comments, they used “Guest Book” which is also applied in Crunchy. Also the Groups are not so much like Gaia’s guild but a little bit like CrunchyRoll too… Unless crunchy roll is also a Gaia copycat, there is a possibility that Tinier me is really a mix of the two ^_^

  2. i like tinier me because u r a anime person and cool clothes and u get 5 chibi coins a day when u log in so cool better clothes and why would i like gaia i dont even go on it anymore it is soo boring u cant just get money straight by holding a ring with someone one person on 1 side and 1 and the other on the other side.

  3. I preffer TinierMe.its much easier to earn chibicoins than to earn [insert word thati forgot here Dx] or at least for me it is.
    on gaia, you have to buy a card in order to have [i forgot the other word too hooray] so you can buy stuff.

    sorry for my confusing and retarded talk.
    if you would like to yell at me,
    i has youtubemyspaceandtwiiter?!!?!?

    my tinierme name is VanityRaptor
    i would say the link but idk kuz im stupid


  4. Tinierme sucks.No one talks and all they do is trade. The market is terrible. And the scamming is out of control. The fan bois will lie and say no but I tell anyone signing up or going to play they’ll feel like me after a month or so. -200 and still can’t get anything nice.

    • I bet that you didn’t found out the chat rooms =w=”! I mean I played for 1 years and a half on Tinierme and i swear that I’ve talked for more than an hour without some ppl.

  5. TinierMe ROCKS. The reason why people can’t make money is because they don’t make friends. The more friends you make, the more money you get. Also, if you decide to start playing Tinierme, actually take the effort to see all of TinierMe before you judge it. There are ChibiPets, games like Old Maids, and there isn’t just trading. You can join groups, make groups, go fishing, decorate your room, enter chat rooms, invite people to chat in your room, hang around selfytown (depending on where you are at what time people make not talk a lot), accessorize your character, write diary entries (don’t make it an ACTUAL diary entries about your feelings and all that because others can see and comment on it XD), and TONS more. So make a note of this, never judge a game especially TinierMe if you haven’t had the full game experience yet (ThatGirl). I’ve been a TinierMe member for a long time. My character name is Flowers so please feel free to make friends with me especially if you are new and have lots of questions.

    • Fantastic! I’m so glad that I got some positive reviews from TM users as well as negative ones. Tell me, what are your views on the GC system and all of the scamming that has been going on lately?

  6. Something I like on TM is being able to get G-coins without having to buy them. I am quite wary of doing the offers that require downloads and the ones that need personal info though, which is why I stick to doing tasks. Tasks can be tedious if you get the ones that take more work, but overall, an 1/2-1 hour of work for about 100 g-coins is decent, in my opinion. I actually think I’d get bored eventually if I were able to get g-coins so easily.

    Chibi Coins are really easy to make; around 200-300 coins a day come easy just by visiting town and going through diaries or rooms; that’s enough to buy 2-3 equips from the selfy shop. The games are challenging at times especially Old Maid since it requires more luck than Sevens, but it’s fun.

    The little events like the Ring Exchange and the Booty Hunt add a bit of spice. Of course, character design is cute without being over the top.

    The only things I think are lacking is really a good system to trade or sell and communication. The trade system on TM can be exploited which is quite a shame. But I haven’t run into any scammers so far, –I mainly stick to users who are either on lists of trusted traders or who seem active. Just make sure they’re not on the list of baddies lawl. As for communication, while there are groups and you can talk in town or through games etc, I think it would be nice to have a general forum setup as an addition. It seems like the community is just lacking in something. I find that it feels more like people joining random amounts of groups like on facebook or something, which is really just to join rather than to talk for most people.

    But well, I rambled on for quite a bit already… and that was just the tip of the iceberg. πŸ˜€

  7. I play both Tinier Me and Gaia Online and they’re both pretty good games although, they have their differences. My opinion is that Tinier Me is a lot more organized then Gaia Online but Gaia has a lot more things to do, considering how it’s not as new as Tinier Me. But, if they didn’t have their differences, they’d most likely be the same exact game. It’s good for games to have their differences but still be related because everyone has their own opinion about something. One person could like Gaia Online and not like Tinier me, while another could like Tinier me and not Gaia or they could be like me and like them both.

  8. Well to me.. Tinierme is better at getting mre stuff by getting 5 chibicoins and such. Its easier and its somewhat fair. There is a fact you need (forgot the name) GC money to buy those richy and awsome items. To get those amazing animated items…and Gaia is better at….well umm…Lets say that everyone you meet talks alot. Tinierme everyones silent and does the saaame darn thing. Gaia is more ..more lively than Tinerme. I dont prefer both…really I go to either one because I love whats on it…sometimes I get on to meet my buds.
    At the moment Gaia is starting to give out animated items…and this is why the number one reason I hate gaia…the damn prices and the damn cash items..I mean come on..I want one and anyone esle want one but they cant because everyone knows those items are gonna cost a arm, a leg, another arm arm leg….gaia needs to make it fair. Tinier me has some animated items that you can easly buy. I love that….
    personally I dont like gaia because how far out the prices are…and how ridicoulous everyone treats it…they should lower the darn items prices…serisouly! SOMEONE GOTTA TELL GAIA TO LOWER THOSE DAMN PRICES!..its not fair to people not to posess those items…because then it starts going down hill….but thats me…you may think im crazy, but think about it. Youd get mad too if you wanted an item so bad and you ask countless friends to help you and they tell u no or they want to save it got another item…and then find out its the same item u wanted….
    you would have to be LUCKY to have such a friend help you with that….or have good terms.
    I dont like tinerme either because everyone is soooo borrrring both sites are..but unlike gaia I dont have to worry about any scams, or scriptors.
    So i enjoy myself while im in towns…
    Id say even tho I dont like tinierme because of everyones silentness and rudness and more I wont even bother to say…I still go to it…just to see how colorful and amazing the site is…
    I still go on gaia only..ONLY because of this.
    “THEY TALK” and I I have friends that I can always talk to…and meh profile. Hehehehehehe…

    It is up to that person whether they dont like a site….but its up to that person to change it. I dunno how… I wish I could talk to gaia..really I do..I hate cash and the prices….:(

  9. I personally think Gaia is more user-friendly. While I love the graphics on TM, the forums are extremely inefficient- very limited HTML options on posts (if any), 1024 character limit (which isn’t enough for the literates, at least) and every post brings you back to the first page of the thread. So having to go to the very last page of the thread after each post is extremely annoying. Furthermore, it took me forever to even find the “create thread” button- it’s located at the top of the page when you visit someone else’s thread, which I wasn’t the first place I’d think of looking. As for journals, HTML is also very, very faulty.

    The tasks for GC earning are very faulty. For me, I rarely receive GC for tasks that I carry out- and I even kept all the tracking cookies so that the company could see that I followed through.

    There is hardly a moderation system. Hackers and scammers often don’t have their accounts shut down, as well as kids that cyber in the chatrooms. 40% of the chats are “cute grl lokin 4 sex” and I never see those banned.

    Also, the economy is.. unreliable. There is no monetary system to prevent people from ripping eachother off or trading things away for cheap. It’s rather upsetting for those that work hard for their items.

    With this all said however, the graphics is a huge pull for most people, I believe. I’m still playing TM because I adore the graphics, and on Gaia, I can’t keep up with the mass of items being introduced every week or so. Because Gaia is so developed now, it’s lost a lot of its old charm- like when one would join a friend in fishing or chat in the forums- when people actually still used their journals.

    In short, TM in my opinion pulls me for the sheer cute factor, while Gaia does have more things to do… though I only ever use the forums these days.

    • I agree with everything you have said (honestly, maybe you should write the review instead of me- lol- you’re much better at describing it). I’ll admit that the graphics are what keeps me on TM as well. They are clean, stylish and overall less…complex than Gaia’s stuff. Gaia really has evolved into this huge…thing…that’s really hard to keep up with if you are a casual player. It’s the same reason I don’t join large MMORPGs like WoW- because when it’s already so advanced that there are 100 new things to try to work toward…ahhh, it’s just too much. I’ve never been much of a forum-goer myself. The forums on Gaia either move stupid-fast or incredibly slowly and that doesn’t really appeal to me. I need either a response 2 minutes later or 24 hours later; I can’t wait around for it, I’m too impatient. I almost completely avoid TMs “forums” because no one has anything decent to say, and I’ve never even entered the chat rooms for the same reason. For me, it’s all about dressing up my selfy and occasionally making friends to chat with online. That usually moves outside of TM to MSN or whatever though because I can’t stand just standing in Town all day. So dull. Still, like I said, I really agree with you on just about every point. It makes me wish there was a site that was halfway between them. Oh well, maybe someday. :]

  10. πŸ™‚
    trade system limits scams now.
    even cc items look nice now.
    lots of oldies quit.
    newbies don’t know values
    pricechecks = fail
    nobody reads your threads unless it says “FREE ___” even if it’s about free stuff

  11. Hi! I’m a TinierMe(TM) user but I do have a Gaia account(dont go on it because of the awful prices)! The site has gotten much better πŸ™‚ We now have an excellent Trade System, we have groups to prevent scammers, and surveys/offers to receive GCoins XD much unlike Gaia! So TM is slowly stoping scammers and its getting better from its Gloomy Bear and Vocaloid Gatchas(even if they are gcoins the EVENTS THAT GO WITH THEM ARE GREAT) we’re getting more contests, stamp rallys, even an ART CONTEST! So really TM is getting better can’t say the same for Gaia though…O and TM has great people on, u just need to find a common interest(look for groups ur interested in, join and make friends u’ll like…duhhh)
    Peace, KayKay22(thats my username for TM add me on) πŸ™‚

  12. 5 years ago I was urged to join Gaia by a friend, and I did so. I played a bit, got some gold(didn’t understand how gold was so valuable when you got it by just refreshing the page) and had an okay time. I got very bored very easily though because it was just…dull. I liked none of the games and the idea of a virtual representation of me and my personality that didn’t even move was not very interesting to me. I didn’t understand why anyone would pay real money for fake stuff and…just…fell out.

    I met my girlfriend in 2008 and we started dating pretty quickly. She was a lovely girl, but a Gaia ADDICT. She was always talking about Gaia, what she was doing on Gaia, what she got on Gaia, how much gold she was making for profit on Gaia. It seriously made me want to break up with her after a while; it was her obsession. Every month towards the 14th I’d be like guess what tomorrow is! And she’d say “Monthly collectible on Gaia!” and I started to be spiteful. I gave Gaia a second chance, the first time in 2 years I had played, and I was…disappointed. Far from the boring site I had first gotten on, it had become a money hungry snake. Every action was to grub money from everyone, and what I had once disliked I now LOATHED. How could she be into something like this? I thought. And she continued to buy and sell million gold items to make a profit. But I asked her: what do you do with the profit? And she was dumbfounded; she couldn’t answer. I’ll tell you right now; she had no use for all the gold she was making, and she had all the items she wanted. She was addicted to MAKING GOLD. Every time I’d talk to her she’d be playing ZOMG or Booty Grab(the name of which I found offensive, and the logo doubly so, but hey, Gaia is very sex-centered if you step back and look at it) and buying and selling items to make profit. That’s her story. She had sunk low. Now let me tell you a far less depressing one.

    I called her one fateful evening. She told me that she had found a new game in a facebook ad. At first I was like “Really -_- you clicked on a facebook ad? o_o” And she said I should get on it. “It’s like Gaia, but…better.” she said. I was like “0_0 Holy $#!7” And I thought “Oh no, something else for her to get addicted to, but at least I can play and be as good as she is.” So I decided to give it one shot. Best decision I have made since I asked my wonderful girlfriend out. I got on, played some games, made some friends in Old Maid, and got some stuff with a currency that wasn’t as plentiful as Gold but a TON more valuable. When you got 5 Chibi Coins for writing a Diary it wasn’t a negligibly small amount, about 35-60 CC could get you something you wanted, whether it was a spin of the Halloween Masquerade Gacha or a Samurai Outfit from the SELFY shop. Gacha were fun, getting items randomly and then trading for them was fun, especially when there was no currency to tie people to stuff except for how much they liked it. To make friends, one only had to go to Old Maid and mention some Anime or Video game they liked and talk to people about it. To make money, one could buy G Coins, but it was fairly easy if you made sure to save confirmation emails to make about 60-300 GC every time you tried an offer. People were nice, not all grubby and stingy, because there was no currency, and therefore not much of an economy. Many things needed improvement and Tinierme is constantly improving itself. Tinierme is more user friendly and easy to pick up and use, and even if you’re new you can quickly make your SELFY yours. It truly was like Gaia, except people looked better and it was easier to make friends and games were more fun. Plenty of cool stuff to do. Even now, I maintain a Group, Intellectuals, where we talk about smart stuff, and I play Truth or Dare in my room in Tinierme, and have lots of fun and make new friends. And I have my dream Selfy so it’s even cooler to focus on the social aspects of the game. The Anime theme also really does it for me. And Animates? AMAZING.

    Gaia may have millions more items, but every time new items roll out it’s more of the same, and most of the good ones will set you back a couple Million Gold or a couple bucks, you choose. It has gotten sick with all the ways that money can get you ahead where nothing else will. I have NEVER bought Gcoins on tinierme, yet if you saw my SELFY you’d think I was rich. With hard work and dedication one can get almost anything on Tinierme, where in Gaia certain items (Like Kiki, for example) are just unobtainable. With Alchemy making previously retarded hard to get items now a cakewalk, Tinierme really lets people sit back with a cool SELFY they’re proud of trading for, and make friends and play free online games. People talk about chat rooms being for cybering on tinierme, but they neglect to mention that on Gaia the same Damn thing happens. Most of the problems that Pro-Gaia people mentioned have been addressed already (like the trade system removing most of the scamming unless people are stupid, and the forums are easily searchable now, not that you have to go to forums and trade to get items you want because you can go on Tinierme Trading and then search for people who have X and want Y from your haves and drop them an MM)

    In other words, Tinierme will always be better than Gaia,
    because Gaia “We must be perfect because we are raking in profits, so we will never change anything.” are a bunch of millionaire bastards that want more money and will stop at nothing to get it,
    and Tinierme are a bunch of cool Asians whose contention is “Money is always nice, but people are more important and pleasing the users is our number one priority.”
    And I will never visit this thread again so if you flame me feel good that you are wasting your time.

    My Tinierme username is gman92 , Please add me, I would love to chat or teach you more about the game ; and join my group Intellectuals if you like pondering the mysteries of the universe, and also drop into my room when I open for Truth or Dare, it’s a lot of fun and you’ll meet a lot of cool people.

  13. In my opinion I think TinierMe is a better site.

    They have better graphics, clothing, site layout, friendlier people (most of the time), and an over-all better site.
    I started out in Nov. 2009 on TM (TinierMe), even though I was noobish people were nice and gave things like pre-gc cc things gc things from the first gc gacha. The site is very easy to navigate, finding the shop and town is fairly easy since they have big orange buttons showing you where things are. I started out on Gaia mid-2010 I believe, no one gave me things, no one was really nice, the site is confusing and hard to navigate and they don’t have very good graphics in my opinion.

    I’ve hardly played Gaia and I play TinierMe all day every day because of the friendliness of people, the good items, my good friends in the game, and the over-all like-ability of the site.

    Sorry Gaia (Not really) but you are inferior to TinierMe.

    Yours truly,


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