The Things Awaken

This is the tentative but probably fairly permanent title for my next N240- Intro to Digital Video class project. The project is to create a 2 minute Avant Garde film where no shot exceeds 3 seconds. My plan is to film “The Things” that is, electronics, turning on without the assistance of human beings. The only sound in the video will be the natural sounds of the electronics turning on, powering up and running. I plan to film whatever I can, especially things with lights that show they are on. I like green lights, but I have several old electronics in my house where a red light signals that the power is on, like my “Classic” N-64 console. I definitely won’t leave those out.

My main issue right now is that the Canon Optura Xi that I checked out from the Informatics equipment room seems to have an unchargable battery. While plugged into the wall using the A/C adaptor, it functions just fine but even after a full night of charging the battery, it stays dead. I will need to make note of this to the equipment room, ASAP. In the meantime, I will shoot what I can ‘attached to the wall’ and hopefully next week I will check out a camera that does not have a faulty battery.


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