Smackjeeves- What happened?

Smackjeeves, Smackjeeves, Smackjeeves. What on earth did you do? What is this? WHAT IS THIS?

This is…this is…Web design? Well, the worst part is that it’s better than the old one, right? The old one just looked like a forum. Like old-school WordPress style. But, these new one just looks…boring. BORING. And what is with that add at the top? That is the epitome of tackiness, right there. Although I am tickled that “Drug Addict” is up there with the top phrases. I knew they were doing a contest for a new logo- which isn’t too bad, compared to the last one -but I had no idea they were going to change the whole site to look like some over-used template. I’m disgusted. Just disgusted. Bleh.

I host(ed?) a comic on Smackjeeves, until I totally lost interest in drawing manga for no reason other that I don’t like drawing it anymore(?). It’s still there. No, you can’t see it- unless you already know it. It’s called Reality.Hacked though, if you want to look it up yourself. I don’t update it anymore though. Nope, nope, nope.

And now, even if I do decide to draw comics again I won’t be hosting them on Smackjeeves. I’ll probably keep reading my favorite comics there, but I’ll bookmark them outside of SJ (so, not using my favorite’s list) because the site is just too much for me. Goodbye SJ. I knew thee well.


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