Fall Semester- The End

Well, as of December 16 I have completed all of my Fall Semester finals and are therefore DONE with school until Spring Semester starts in January. Compared to last years finals these were fairly laid-back. There was some stress involved, but there always is. Out of my five classes, only one had a “normal” final- Chinese (C-119). There was a three page written exam and an oral portion where we had to answer questions, read a dialogue with a partner and then create a dialogue with a partner. I actually got to say “Oh yes, I have an allergy, I am allergic to studying!” in Chinese.

My web class (N-341) and Design Principles (N-280) both had group projects. I won’t go into the web one, because it was just too chaotic and I don’t feel like I really did that much to help. The N-280 final project was to design a themed deck of cards. My group picked Chinese take-out, which was a total joke at first, but we ended up going with it just because it was weird. My job was to design the face cards. I did the Queen first and then the King, Jack and Joker. I picked Red Pandas because I think they are quite under-appreciated and needed some love. Read more about them in the Artist’s Comments on dA. We got a 190/200 on it~ not bad.

My Intro to Digital Video (N-240)…ehh, I’ll get back to you on that one.

My last final (which was technically my first) was for Directed Study II (N299). It was a job shadow reflection paper, meaning of course that I went on a job shadow. Sort of. It was less of a job shadow and more of an informational interview, since we mostly sat around and talked about things. Myself and my classmates spoke with Steve Hodges, the Director of Electronic Media in the Offices of Communications and Marketing at IUPUI. He has won many awards for the creation of our school’s website (which is pretty awesome- I still LOVE that search bar). It was very interesting and informative and writing a paper for it wasn’t too hard.

Over the break I plan to work on assembling a portfolio site so that come Spring, I’ll have something to show for all my work in and outside of classes. I still need to find a good balance of my newfound love of design and my old love of drawing manga. I’m sure a few weeks away from classes will help with that. At least, I hope so! > w <


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