I am stuck on the 50’s!

With the arrival of games such as Fallout3 and L.A.Noire to my boyfriend’s PS3 (and the advent of TF2’s rise in popularity because it’s free-to-play), I have been really stuck on 50’s culture lately. I checked out several books from the library in the hopes of becoming inspired for a story rewrite I would like to do, but discovered that the era wasn’t really apropos to what I wanted (more on that later-perhaps). Instead I was left with tons of books depicting a romanticized world that I’m sure it would have been awful to live through but just looks so damn cool.

But what is it about the era that’s got me so excited? I could think of lots of reasons:

  1. Beautiful colour schemes– the 50’s adored turquoise
  2. The almost comically “futuristic” furniture. Chrome = yes
  3. Seemingly infallible family values (it’s a beautiful lie!)
  4. The positive attitude everything seems to take on
  5. Do-it-yourself mantras that make me feel like working on things
  6. Creative advertising- straight out lies, but with a smile!
  7. Catchy music (not my favourite era, but still good)
  8. Preppy fashions– oh, I want to dress like the ladies from the sexist ads!
Despite making my list and puzzling over which of these things really appeals to me the most, I still don’t know what it is! I guess I’m going through a phase- having a fling with a snappily dressed decade long-past. I just can’t help it though; this techie just wants to go vintage!
(but not post-50’s vintage– all form of taste and style disappeared after 1959)