Trip to NYC: Day 5

Due to lack of internet in some places and lack of energy on my part in most others, I haven’t been online long enough to update anybody on my adventures in NYC except for the occasional Facebook status update. I’ve been keeping track of the important events in a sketchbook, using stupid little sketches and phrases to mark the events as I go along. When I return home, I’ll scan these pages. Unfortunately following my trip to California, my camera lacks a battery charger, so no photos from me this time around. But you know me, I love lists. So here, have a list!

NYC Days 1-5 (in no real order):

-NYC is hot, averaging 90’F with 90% humidity each day

-Minor league baseball is somewhat dull, they have to do a lot to make people excited about it

-I ate peanuts at the park, complete with leaving the shells under the seat in front of me

-I bought a knock-0ff Tokidoki bag from a random street vendor in SOHO

“There are so many hot Asian guys here; it’s like the closest I can get without walking down the streets of Shibuya!”

– Is 16 blocks a mile? Oh, how many miles I’ve walked.

-I’ve only had Dr. Pepper once since we arrived here. This here is a Pepsi-Cola town.

-Cash-Only, cash-only, cash-only…or minimum $15 credit card charge

-Taxis don’t care if you’re jumping up and down, unless you’re IN the street you won’t be seen

“I can’t tell if some of the people here are crazy or just really friendly”

-There’s a Chinese take-out place called “U LIKE”, underneath the Chinese characters read “take out” and nothing else.

-I got to eat chocolate (and buy buttons) from the Chocolate Bar. They are located in NYC, Dubai and Qatar- no where else on earth. The chocolate was interesting, but nothing special. The button says “Wear More Chocolate”.

– #26 in the ball game did nothing but practice pitching for every at-bat. He’s my hero.

-I had the best french toast ever, with real Vermont syrup. I tried to sketch it and it looked like a bleeding sponge. The bread was light, fluffy and porous.

-The “Think Coffee” coffee shop cups said “made from plants, not plastic”

“If it’s made from plants and not plastic, why isn’t it green?”

– UNIQLO is a Japanese fashion store with only one store in the US. It’s really cool.

-I’m pretty sure UNICLO [yoo-nee-clo-wuh]  is supposed to be “unique clothing”

-Apparently in Japanese sizes I don’t have a 29″ waist? Why can’t things fit as easily as just “S”?

-I don’t think half the fire escapes on these apartments could support an actual human being

-I had Fish n’ chips that was made with something other than Cod.

-Cafe Bari has the best sweet peanut sauce I have ever tasted. Chicken Satay win.

“NYC seems to be the only place it’s OK to be foreign and not have to act like you fit in. Ironic, since it’s the most iconic “all-American” city in America.

-Average stuff here costs more than Indiana, but about the same as California.

-SUV Taxis may be terrible for the environment, but they sure are wonderful for my sore feet.

-The Metro may be great for the environment, but it sure is a terrible experience to go through.

-They recycle here, Yay!

-After all that walking, I got a blister on my finger. The index finger of my left (non-dominant) hand. I will never figure out how or why. It’s just there, being annoying.

-Did I mention it’s hot? Too hot to stay inside the apartment we’re staying in. Yay for stores, cafes and other places with A/C.

more later…


ACHTUNG: Chores Ahead!

Honestly, I think that ACHTUNG sounds a lot more like a warning than CAUTION. Can’t you just hear an angry German person shouting it? “ACHTUNG: PANZERSCHWEIN!” (Warning: Armadillos!) I don’t know, it always attracts me first when I see it on signs. Especially the neon pink ones they use in the IT building at IUPUI…

I’m getting off subject here. This was supposed to be an entry about the chores I need to do today, designed to help me organize them in my head first before I can “put them down on paper”, so to speak. Then it will be easier to focus on exactly what I need to do. And it’s more fun than just writing a list and taping it up on the wall so I can see it…though, I’ll probably do that too- I have some awesome aqua colored paper from working at Office Max last year. ❤

OK, so I need to first make my bed, which will involve taking everything off of it so I can find all of the socks, shirts and various papers and electronics that I’m sure have found their way into my bedsheets at some point thanks to my habit of tossing everything on the closest available flat surface. Then, one the bed is made, I will pile the clothes onto it and decide what is actually dirty and what accidentally fell out of the clean pile into the dirty clothes bin. I will then place all the clean clothes in one bin and all the dirty ones in another so that I may later-at some point-eventually do my laundry. Then, I will tidy up all of the books and papers on the floor and throw them on the desk to be dealt with later. Then I’ll take all the bags off the floor and do the same thing, only with the closet. Then (if she isn’t awake yet) I will awaken my roommate by pushing her box of clothing, which has been taking up the floor of my room since she moved in back in May, against her door so she can do something about it.

Now, at this point everything should be off my floor. I imagine there will be a lot of junk and trash and I’ll pitch that. I also need to take everything out of my IKEA chest of drawers so that my dad can fix it because I made the mistake of hiding almost a decades worth of old notebooks and sketchbooks in there and they slowly and steadily warped the bottom of the drawers under their combined weight to the point that they don’t actually close anymore. Whoops.

At any rate, after all of the above is finished I should have a totally clear floor, cleaned off bed and more space to move stuff around when I get ready to move nine days from now. ALSO, I’m looking for missing articles! One of which being my AQUA DUCT TAPE! Of which I obtained to repair the inside of my bright orange “Watch the Cat” bag that my aunt got for me in New York. The part that needs repair is the canvas on the inside, which has ripped and torn over the years. I figured the extreme contrast between the neon orange and neon aqua would be enough to make me love the bag all over again (plus the bag is made of recycled goods already, so I’m just extending it’s life a little bit longer). I’ll take photos when I’m done.

I Laugh at You, Productivity

Today, when shopping in the super clearance section of the local Michael’s craft store I came across a treasure trove of little office-supply novelties that had the same sort of sarcastic attitude towards the world (and workplace) that I tend to have. I literally laugh at productivity, because I feel that having a sense of humor is the best way to stay sane in today’s rushed and crazy society.

The ones that I purchased today are old, old products that I don’t even think are sold through the original manufacturer anymore, since I went to Knock-Knock’s website and did not find them there.  I found their usually popular selection of rude, crass and often sarcastic post-it notes that you find in stationary and specialty stores everywhere. I also found their newer selection of  some of the products that I got as well as some I would just simply love to have.

omfg file folder

Like this OMFG file folder.

Or this Never Again folder set-

Or this Never Again folder set-

that includes the Makes Me...

that includes the Makes Me...

and this I Wish folder.

and this I Wish folder.

Or the bag that features this image. A cycle that every wanna-be environmental do-gooder (including me) is all too familiar with!

Or the bag that features this image. A cycle that every wanna-be environmental do-gooder (including me) is all too familiar with!

Suffice it to say, these products are a hoot and I wish they were easier to find. (If you go to the Store Locator on their site you may find that it never seems to locate anything but your own Zip code or address. Odd. Perhaps it is best explained with the last notation on their Contact Information page:

Please note: we are NOT a store.