Trip to NYC: Day 5

Due to lack of internet in some places and lack of energy on my part in most others, I haven’t been online long enough to update anybody on my adventures in NYC except for the occasional Facebook status update. I’ve been keeping track of the important events in a sketchbook, using stupid little sketches and phrases to mark the events as I go along. When I return home, I’ll scan these pages. Unfortunately following my trip to California, my camera lacks a battery charger, so no photos from me this time around. But you know me, I love lists. So here, have a list!

NYC Days 1-5 (in no real order):

-NYC is hot, averaging 90’F with 90% humidity each day

-Minor league baseball is somewhat dull, they have to do a lot to make people excited about it

-I ate peanuts at the park, complete with leaving the shells under the seat in front of me

-I bought a knock-0ff Tokidoki bag from a random street vendor in SOHO

“There are so many hot Asian guys here; it’s like the closest I can get without walking down the streets of Shibuya!”

– Is 16 blocks a mile? Oh, how many miles I’ve walked.

-I’ve only had Dr. Pepper once since we arrived here. This here is a Pepsi-Cola town.

-Cash-Only, cash-only, cash-only…or minimum $15 credit card charge

-Taxis don’t care if you’re jumping up and down, unless you’re IN the street you won’t be seen

“I can’t tell if some of the people here are crazy or just really friendly”

-There’s a Chinese take-out place called “U LIKE”, underneath the Chinese characters read “take out” and nothing else.

-I got to eat chocolate (and buy buttons) from the Chocolate Bar. They are located in NYC, Dubai and Qatar- no where else on earth. The chocolate was interesting, but nothing special. The button says “Wear More Chocolate”.

– #26 in the ball game did nothing but practice pitching for every at-bat. He’s my hero.

-I had the best french toast ever, with real Vermont syrup. I tried to sketch it and it looked like a bleeding sponge. The bread was light, fluffy and porous.

-The “Think Coffee” coffee shop cups said “made from plants, not plastic”

“If it’s made from plants and not plastic, why isn’t it green?”

– UNIQLO is a Japanese fashion store with only one store in the US. It’s really cool.

-I’m pretty sure UNICLO [yoo-nee-clo-wuh]  is supposed to be “unique clothing”

-Apparently in Japanese sizes I don’t have a 29″ waist? Why can’t things fit as easily as just “S”?

-I don’t think half the fire escapes on these apartments could support an actual human being

-I had Fish n’ chips that was made with something other than Cod.

-Cafe Bari has the best sweet peanut sauce I have ever tasted. Chicken Satay win.

“NYC seems to be the only place it’s OK to be foreign and not have to act like you fit in. Ironic, since it’s the most iconic “all-American” city in America.

-Average stuff here costs more than Indiana, but about the same as California.

-SUV Taxis may be terrible for the environment, but they sure are wonderful for my sore feet.

-The Metro may be great for the environment, but it sure is a terrible experience to go through.

-They recycle here, Yay!

-After all that walking, I got a blister on my finger. The index finger of my left (non-dominant) hand. I will never figure out how or why. It’s just there, being annoying.

-Did I mention it’s hot? Too hot to stay inside the apartment we’re staying in. Yay for stores, cafes and other places with A/C.

more later…


Lovely Summer Days…

In other words, it’s getting really hot here. I’m wearing shorts and a tank top so it’s already a far-cry from early Spring. And my craving for Popsicles and ice cream grows stronger and stronger with each passing day. Luckily for us, we purchased 100 iced Popsicles. The kind that come in the little plastic tubes- the branded versions are called Otter Pops; we bought off-brand ones from Costco. I think the ones we bought contain less-healthy ingredients, but it’s water and…sugar-y syrup stuff, no matter how you look at it it’s not healthy. As for the ice cream, low-fat ice cream sandwiches are the way to go. They don’t taste low-fat, they just are.

The other part of the Summer that is love-hate is the heat. When it’s 15 below zero you wish it would be 100 degrees, but when it’s 70 degrees you dread it getting any hotter. Ugh. And of course, because Mr. Murphy and his Law always seem to rule the Universe in general, our air conditioning broke today. It wasn’t too big of a deal, since we’ve got a fan in the living room, but it’s going to get bad tomorrow, since I’m supposed to be working in my room to clean it up and set up a bunk bed for my roommate Billie and I to share. The bunk bed setup will be bad enough (even though it is from IKEA and the well-done, albeit text-less instructions, are pretty clear) but the heat is awful in my room especially. My window happens to be the only one in the house that remains without a screen and therefore really should not be opened because of flying things and fleeing cats. I have one vent that opens all the way but happens to be located directly below the window, so everything escapes out of the window- even closed.

I wanted to link to the IKEA page with the bed, but I can’t find it. For some reason, that makes me sort of sad. At the same time, I guess it makes sense. It has been six years since we bought it. Maybe more now. How old am I, seriously? I don’t fit on that twin matress anymore, that’s why I ditched the bunkbed, I needed a full size bed. Not because I really got any bigger, per se, I just toss and turn more, I guess? Getting older means I toss and turn more, that makes total sense right? I sink into the center of the bed though, it’s very soft. A lovely mattress indeed.

Sorry for the randomness readers, that’s just me being…me, I suppose. Ta’  lovelies.