The World of Superkyute + The Farrot


Superkyute is a world full of critters and creatures that can be found in the most unusual of places. They live in harmony with the rest of the world. Often overlooked by humans and animals, they keep mostly to themselves enjoying a life of contented existence. They do however co-exist with society and are all around us if we’d only take the time to stop and observe them. Finding one is a rare and exciting experience that is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Critters- Part One, The Farrot

The main critters known to the Superkyute kingdom of animals are farrots, peehs, beanie dogs, cheezecats, taterbees and dragonfries. All of these animals were named after their obvious resemblance to many common food items. The farrot for example, is long and orange, with thin stripes around its back and a green, leaf-like tuft at the end of its tail [see fig.1]. It tends to be bottom-heavy, and buries underground in gardens with fresh soil. It eats the root tips of  weeds and crabgrass, making it an invaluable ally to your average gardener. If you leave a few open plots in your carrot fields, groups of farrots will nest there and keep the surrounding area free of weeds and bugs. The farrot is quite friendly and will only attack to defend its nests. If you accidentally pull a farrot out of its nest (possibly mistaking it for a garden variety carrot) the best thing to do is let it go so it can re-dig a hole elsewhere in the garden. Marking your garden with farrot stakes or flags can prevent this issue from occurring too often.

The farrot’s only known natural enemy is the Peeh, which we will be covering in the next installment.